Asphalt paths Melbourne

Concrete Paths and Asphalt Paths in Melbourne – Deciding Which Path to Take

Concrete paving is used for paths and asphalt paving is used on roads. That’s the way it has been for many years in Australia. Lately though, it isn’t uncommon to see asphalt paths in Melbourne. The construction of asphalt paths in Melbourne has been carried out much more often recently, as city planners and construction companies are finding in head-to-head comparisons of concrete paths and asphalt paths that asphalt paths are coming out on top. In order to break down the matter of concrete paths versus asphalt paths, we will examine three major issues: cost, maintenance, and user preference.

Cost: There is near-universal agreement that the installation of asphalt paths is significantly cheaper than concrete paths. While there is some variance in pricing—depending on where materials are obtained and who is contracted to do the paving—asphalt is said to be around 30 to 40 percent cheaper than concrete in the majority of cases. The long-term costs (that is, costs that will be necessary to repair, clean, and maintain the paths) have asphalt coming out on top, too.

Maintenance: Repairing asphalt is much cheaper than repairing concrete. There are many asphalting companies who can quickly and economically fix ruts or cracks in asphalt. On the other hand, concrete repairs (from fixing cracks to replacing whole slabs) are quite expensive.

User Preference: What do the users of paths prefer: concrete or asphalt? Common users of paths include cyclists, walkers, joggers, rollerbladers, and disabled people. Nearly all of these groups prefer the softer and smoother surface that asphalt paths in Melbourne provide.

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