Asphalt profiler

Caution: Roadwork Ahead! An Asphalt Profiler At Work

Asphalt and pavement professionals who utilise an asphalt profiler for their work have a lot of responsibility. Maintaining a fleet of powerful asphalt profiler machines is work enough; imagine being in charge of the actual use of an asphalt profiler! These machines are capable of digging up and milling entire asphalt roadways, so knowing how to use them correctly is essential. Professional contractors provide on-the-job training for their staff and ensure all their workers know how to operate them safely and efficiently.

Because asphalt profiler projects can be quite major (depending on the scope and scale of the area to be profiled), proper operation of the machinery is only the first step. Contractors who take on asphalt profiler projects must also be prepared to offer (or contract) traffic control during the project and cleanup support after it is completed.

The ultimate goal when using an asphalt profiler is to provide customers with paved surfaces which are nearly perfect in terms of being smooth and level. Asphalt profilers remove old, damaged layers and provide the means to restore surfaces to a state of being free of lumps, bumps, potholes, and divots. The finished pavement should help improve skid resistance and road drainage, as well as provide a surface which is aesthetically much more pleasing. Completion of a project using an asphalt profiler should also extend the life of your pavement and minimise future problems and needs for repair. Modern asphalt profilers can also be eco-friendly: be sure you employ a contractor who recycles the old asphalt by using the materials in other asphalt rebuilding and repairing projects.

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