Asphalt profiling

Asphalt Profiling: A Profile

Whether you have a commercial, industrial or domestic property with asphalt roads, driveways, or car parks, chances are that you are going to need asphalt profiling services at some point in time. But what exactly is asphalt profiling? This short article aims to give a brief profile on what this service is all about.

What is asphalt profiling? Asphalt profiling is essentially a controlled process which aims to remove asphalt pavement. It is controlled in the sense that the asphalt is removed at predetermined depths or thicknesses. The degree of incline or decline of an asphalt road or pathway can also be profiled.

What is the purpose of asphalt profiling? Asphalt profiling is a fairly major repair for various problems that can arise in asphalted surfaces and structures. Some of the more common problems that can be fixed by asphalt profiling include: poor water drainage or water flow and other pavement faults, deformities and irregularities. Other uses include the removal of deteriorated pavements in preparation for patching repairs, and the re-establishment of a profile which may have gone off balance from repaving or previous repair jobs.

How are asphalt profiling projects carried out? Asphalt profiling is carried out by special asphalt profiling machines. These machines must be operated by trained professionals. Asphalt contractors with experience in asphalt profiling projects will have anywhere from two to ten asphalt profiling machines, depending on the size of the company.

What happens to the asphalt that is removed during the process? Recent advances in asphalt profiling and asphalt profiling machines allows for the asphalt to be recycled. The contractor will often reuse the asphalt in other projects, such as hot mix asphalt repairs.

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