Asphalting Contractor Melbourne

Don’t Just Use Your Friend’s Asphalting Contractor in Melbourne!

Hiring an asphalting contractor in Melbourne can be a confusing task. After all, how often does the average person need asphalting? It’s not something you’re familiar with. The tendency is to ask your friends if they’ve had asphalting done, and if so, who they used. But this is not the best way to select a contractor!

Your friend’s court or driveway may look great now, but it’s better to get references from someone who had their asphalting done at least a year ago. You want to see how the asphalt holds up through the change of seasons. Heavy rain can be problematic for poorly constructed asphalt, seeping into the sub-grade soil and weakening it, so that the asphalt above breaks up or gets cracks.

You should also look for a company that gives free quotes. Companies that charge for estimating jobs often charge for this because their estimates are not competitive, and they know they’re unlikely to win your business. You also want to get a quote in a timely fashion. This becomes more important at certain times of the year, because you want your work completed when it is warm and dry. If there is too long a delay before you can get an estimate, you might lose the good weather. If you hire a quality asphalting contractor in Melbourne, they will refuse to construct your asphalt if there is a risk of rain or other bad weather. They know that the asphalt must remain dry while it is curing for the best construction.

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