Asphalting Contractors Melbourne

Schools Need Special Asphalting Contractors in Melbourne

If you are considering hiring a contractor for an asphalting project at a school, you need to carefully consider the possible asphalting contractors in Melbourne. Schools have special requirements, and you want to ensure that the contractor you select is familiar with your needs.

If your contractor is constructing new carparks for your school, a contractor that is experienced in school construction jobs will be able to offer suggestions for proper placement of speed humps to ensure the safety of your students. They will also know the best way to install ramps and footpaths for your students.

They can also offer you valuable suggestions about the correct placement of tennis or basketball courts for your school. To maintain the smooth playing surface of the courts, you must consider the vital question of drainage. Water must be allowed to flow away from the courts rather than soaking into the sub-grade soil below the courts, as that can cause cracks or breakage of the asphalt. A knowledgeable contractor can help you analyse your soil and recommend appropriate measures to ensure proper drainage.

Ensure that the prospective asphalting contractors in Melbourne will be able to perform the construction project when your school is not in session, if that is important. The time will need to be chosen carefully, since asphalt construction can be compromised in cold or rainy weather. Quality contractors will only schedule construction projects for when the weather is appropriate for proper curing of the asphalt. This means is should be paved when it is warm, and should remain dry throughout the curing process.

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