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Are Bitumen Repairs In Melbourne The Same As Asphalt Repairs?

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Bitumen is the alternative word for asphalt, unless of course, one is referring to asphalt concrete, which is something entirely different. When we think of asphalt, though, we are generally thinking of bitumen.

While most of us think of bitumen as a solid, it is actually a liquid. It just happens to be so thick and heavy that it must be heated substantially in order to flow. Naturally occurring bitumen is called crude bitumen and is a tar-like form of petroleum. Refined bitumen is made from crude oil. It is obtained by fractional distillation and is the heaviest fraction pulled from the bottom. Is has the highest boiling point of all the fractions of oil, with a boiling point of five-hundred and twenty-five degrees Celsius.

We are all familiar with refined bitumen, we’ve see it a hundred times a day as walkways, parking lots, driveways, etc. We are all equally familiar with the kind of maintenance that bitumen requires on occasion. Despite all efforts to the contrary, extreme weather and constant use will eventually result in cracks or potholes. Thankfully, bitumen repairs in Melbourne are not costly and can be done quickly and efficiently. Since bitumen is entirely recyclable, the repairs can often be done with at least some of the already existent bitumen in the damaged area. Once properly prepared, the roadway or walkway will be as good as new and as reliable and sturdy as before.

You can find bitumen repairs in Melbourne, as well as any other service regarding asphalt, by looking for a reputable asphalt company. Be sure that the company that you use is knowledgeable and fits within your budget while still doing a good job.

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