Bitumen Resurfacing

Bitumen Resurfacing Means Quick and Easy Maintenance

One of the great things about bitumen roads is that they can easily be maintained. Bitumen resurfacing is a common occurrence as road surfaces gradually wear out over time. In extreme cold weather water can also free underneath bitumen roads, and the expanding ice causes potholes to appear.

With modern roads, bitumen resurfacing is a quick and easy process, as they can be opened and re-laid quickly avoiding lengthy construction works, and extensive traffic disruption.

One of the advantages of bitumen resurfacing is there is no need to allow time for the road to set, or cure. Bitumen roads are ready for use almost immediately after they are rolled, meaning traffic delays can be significantly reduced against other types of road construction. The speed in which bitumen resurfacing can be achieved also means roads can be opened to allow replacement or installation of new pipes and cables for utility companies. This process need only take a few days, rather than a few weeks with other types of road.

These days, accident prevention and danger awareness are very important, so many roads are being resurfaced to include coloured asphalt that alerts drivers to dangerous areas of the road or where greater awareness is needed, such as outside a school. Textured surfaces are also used to improve grip and stopping distances. When these techniques are employed, the bitumen resurfacing takes only a few days to complete. This means new techniques and advances in bitumen resurfacing can be employed almost immediately.

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