Footpath repairs Melbourne

Footpath Repairs in Melbourne: The Most Common Problems

Aren’t sure if it is time for footpath repairs in Melbourne? In order to determine your needs, you must examine your footpaths for the following problems—the most common reasons for footpath repairs in Melbourne.

Problem #1: Cracks. Asphalt cracks are the number one reason people seek footpath repairs in Melbourne. The causes for the cracks vary and fairly unpreventable. The cracks might be due to the weather, high amounts of traffic, foundation problems, and poor initial construction.

Problem #2: Potholes. Potholes are the second most cited problem for road and footpath repairs in Melbourne. Potholes form when cracks in the footpaths are taken care of properly. In some instances, water and moisture penetrate the cracks and then cold weather freezes the cracks and causes the cracks to grow into potholes.

Problem #3: Base Deterioration. Many people don’t realise that asphalt footpaths, with or without cracks, are not waterproof. Water, especially in large amounts, can seep down into the base and weaken it. Once the base is weakened, wet, or softened, cracks are likely to begin from the base and make their way up to the surface.

Problem #4: Poor Water Drainage. Poor water drainage on footpaths essentially causes and exacerbates all of the other possible asphalt problems. A cycle of footpath damage is very easy to get into: poor water drainage causes cracks and potholes; cracks and potholes cause even poorer water drainage. When noticing poor water drainage, it is imperative to contact a contractor who does footpath repairs in Melbourne as soon as possible.

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