Gravel Road Repairs Melbourne

It Costs Less for Gravel Road Repairs in Melbourne, than for Asphalt Road Repairs.

Even in these days of asphalt and concrete, the gravel road is still popular in Australia. Gravel roads are cheap to maintain and cheap to construct. In addition, the heavy machinery required to pour concrete, and to smooth bitumen-based surfaces are not required with a gravel road. This makes them an ideal road for rural areas that receive low traffic but still require a hard surface.

However, as cheap as gravel roads may be, they do require more maintenance than asphalt sealed roads, so the need to call for gravel road repairs in Melbourne and other Australian cities is a common occurrence, particularly after heavy rainfall or an unusually large amount of traffic.

The increase in maintenance on gravel roads is mainly due to vehicles pushing the gravel off the road. General wheel motion tends to move material such as gravel to the outside. On two lane roads, it’s common to see a build up of gravel in-between lanes as well as at the edges of the road. Plus of course once a depression in the road appears, the damage is amplified by any vehicle that travels over it.

Due to the amount of gravel roads still in use today in Victoria, gravel road repairs in Melbourne has become a full time job, with many roads schedules for repair on a rotating basis. Fortunately gravel road repairs in Melbourne are relatively cheap, compared to the amount of road repairs needed to fully sealed asphalt and bitumen roads.

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