Pothole Repairs

DIY Pothole Repairs

Pothole repairs may seem like an intimidating job for a homeowner but honestly, it’s really not. The main thing is to be sure you have the right materials for the job. You’re going to need a rake and a broom, as well as cold pack asphalt and a sturdy plank of wood.

The first thing is to thoroughly clean out the hole. Remove all bits of gravel, rock, dirt, twigs and such. Thoroughly sweep the area and repeat emptying the hole until it is well and truly clean. Next, scoop in packaged cold pack asphalt, levelling it off with the rake as you go. It needs to be piled up a little higher than the surface of your driveway, otherwise, when you compact it, there patch will be lower than the area around it, completely negating your hard work.

Once you’ve piled, leveled and piled the asphalt into the hole, making sure it’s higher than the surrounding area itself, cover it with your sturdy board. Then, get into your car and drive over the board with the wheels of your car. This will compress the asphalt down, completely filling in your hole. If you’ve judged it right, the compression should not leave you with a depression in your driveway but with a neatly smoothed over patch.

Doing your own pothole repairs will expand the life of your asphalt driveway by many years and keep the cost of expensive resurfacing or patching away from your wallet.

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