Road Resurfacing

Road Resurfacing can now be done Day or Night

All roads, whether they are gravel roads, concrete roads or asphalt roads, will need to be resurfaced at some point in their lives. This is particularly true of roads that experience heavy traffic such as highways and freeways. It could be that weather and erosion has eaten away at the road surface, or it could be that a defect has created a crack or hole in the surface. Whatever the cause, one thing is for sure, any defect will only get bigger, and roads never fix themselves.

This is why road resurfacing is so important, it’s essential to keep the road network clear of problems and issues, and keep the traffic moving.

Road resurfacing can be done at any time. Most road resurfacing is done during the day, but it can be done at night in an emergency. Some roads are worked on at night if they are particularly busy during the day, such as major routes into large towns and cities. Usually these major routes can be bypassed, but during rush hours this could force large amounts of traffic onto smaller roads that aren’t suitable. So road resurfacing is done at night when the traffic level is at it’s lowest, and diversions don’t have the same impact as they do at peak times.

Many road resurfacing companies now employ teams who specialise in road resurfacing at night with specialist equipment including high intensity lights that make working at night a great deal safer. Night road resurfacing is now actually just as safe as working during the day, and obviously a lot more convenient.

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