Speed Humps Melbourne

Rubber vs. Asphalt Speed Humps in Melbourne: A Hump to Hump Comparison

Many different techniques have been employed across Victorian roads in an attempt to slow down drivers in dangerous or residential areas. Asphalt speed humps have been the long standing tradition since Melbourne began asphalting the city’s roads and streets. Nowadays, however, you will see rubber speed humps in Melbourne as well. These rubber versions are easier to install that’s for sure, but are they just as effective as their asphalt counterparts?

 Comparing the durability of rubber vs. asphalt speed humps

Due to the rubber humps portable nature they are not as robust or as durable as the traditional asphalt design. In fact, you may have seen these installations coming apart or wearing down. After a certain period of usage, the materials used in these new humps begin to separate. The time between installation and deterioration greatly depends on the level of traffic and impact these products are exposed to. When these rubber products are installed in areas of high traffic, such as large school zones or streets which connect commercial buildings, they tend to deteriorate very quickly. In shopping centres or areas where there is a high volume of customers, visitors and large truck deliveries, the rubber can wear down twice as fast. These new options must be repaired and replaced regularly, leading them to become a more costly and ineffective choice over the traditional asphalt.

 Asphalt speed humps, on the other hand, are long-lasting and resilient.

While they aren’t as easy to install they are more or less permanent and require fewer repairs. The maintenance and care required for these asphalt installations is far easier than that of the rubber type. When comparing the installation time, asphalt takes a longer time to install, but not greatly so. The period of time between installation and repairs is much longer than that of the rubber options, even in extremely high traffic areas.

Due to their durability, cost effectiveness and little need for repair and maintenance, asphalt is the preferred choice for speed humps in Melbourne.

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